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Dominar 250/400 saddle stay

Dominar 250/400 saddle stay

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  • Dominar 400 saddle stay
  • Dominar 250 saddle stay

Designed for both style and longevity, you may upgrade your Dominar 250/400. Ergo, you can ride with confidence knowing that your saddlebags are securely attached and supported by this durable, precisely crafted item.

Our saddle stay combines useful utility with a stylish design that blends in smoothly with the overall appearance of your bike. Thanks to its resilient engineering.

it can endure the rigors of lengthy trips and many types of roads, providing dependable performance for miles on end.

A saddle stay is an excellent addition to your touring experience and ideal traveling companion. You can rely on our saddle stays to provide your Dominar with unmatched quality.

convenience whether you're traveling cross-country or just driving around the city."

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