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Dominar 250/400 luggage carrier

Dominar 250/400 luggage carrier

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  • Dominar 250 luggage carrier
  • Dominar 400 luggage carrier

The luggage carrier for the Dominar 250/400 is an essential accessory for riders seeking versatility and convenience on their journeys. Engineered with robust materials and thoughtful design, this carrier offers a secure and stable platform to transport luggage.

ensuring peace of mind during every ride. Its sturdy construction is capable of supporting various types of luggage.

from small bags to larger cargo, without compromising on the bike's stability or performance. The carrier's sleek and integrated design seamlessly complements Dominar's aesthetics while adding practicality to its functionality.

With easy installation and a reliable locking mechanism, riders can confidently attach their belongings and embark on adventures, whether commuting through urban landscapes or exploring the open road. The Dominar 250/400 carrier is the perfect companion for those who refuse to be limited by cargo constraints, empowering them to travel with ease and style.

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