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Jorjem international pvt ltd

Dominar 250/400 backrest[compatible with our luggage carrier only]

Dominar 250/400 backrest[compatible with our luggage carrier only]

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Experience the comfort and convenience of your Dominar 250/400 with our exclusive backrest, designed specifically for compatibility with our luggage carrier. Engineered to provide superior support and relaxation during long rides.

our backrest enhances your touring experience with its ergonomic design and plush padding. Seamlessly integrated with our luggage carrier, it ensures a secure and stable fit.

provide peace of mind for you and your passenger. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, our backrest withstands the rigors of the road, delivering reliable performance mile after mile.

Elevate your journey with the perfect combination of comfort and functionality, tailored for the modern rider. Trust in our backrest to enhance your Dominar 250/400 capabilities, allowing you to explore with confidence and style. Make every ride unforgettable with our backrest, exclusively compatible with our premium luggage carrier."

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